Virtual Tour

Stairs Memorial United Church

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Warm welcome

We would like to invite you to take this virtual tour that we have created of our beautiful church.


Approach From

You can approach the church from Henry Street

Approach from Henry Street


or from Hester Street

Hester Street

Entering The Narthex

Entering the Narthex of the church through the front doors

Entering The Narthex

You See

you see the entrance to the Nave. Looking to the left

Entrance To Nave


in the Narthex you can see behind the tree the lift that brings people up from or down to the church hall. Looking to the right you can see the entrance to the stairs that take you up to the balcony.

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Entering the Nave you can see the Sanctuary

Viewing The Nave

Before You

before you. Looking to the left.

Looking Left

Green Corner

is our green corner and to the right.

Green Corner

Entrance To Offices

is the entrance to the offices and access to the church hall. Turning around to leave the Nave.


Entering Balcony

you can see the exit and the balcony. Entering the balcony.

Entering Balcony

View Of

you can see that it is a much smaller seating area. Once you are seated this is the view that you have of the Nave and Sanctuary.

View Of Nave

Leaving Nave

Leaving the Nave by the door at the front on the left side you arrive at the church office.

Leaving Nave

After Entering

After entering the office we can look to the left.

After Entering Offices

Two Routes

You can reach the church hall via two routes. You can enter from the parking lot door near the street.

Hester Street View

Proceed Down Stairs

or you can proceed down the stairs from the right hand side of the Narthex.


Enter Hall

Once you enter the hall by either of these two routes you are on the stage. On the stage is the North Dartmouth Outreach Societies' Food bank storage area.

Food Bank Storage Area

Door To Nursery

The door to the nursery can be seen in the distance and the lift to the Narthex is to the left beyond the nursery door. Proceeding across the stage we can enter the nursery.

Nursery Door

Looking Right

Looking to the right from the nursery you can see the rest of the room.

Looking Right From Nursery


The lift is to the left of the nursery door.

The Lift

Lift Takes

The lift takes you to the narthex and allows you to avoid the stairs. Proceeding back across the stage towards the door we entered by you can see the access ramp that takes you down to the church hall from the stage.

Lift takes

View Church Hall

This is a view of the church hall from the access ramp during one of our Coffee times following the Sunday worship service.

View Church Hall

View Towards Kitchen

And this the view looking towards the kitchen area of the hall..

Looking Towards Kitchen

Proceeding Down Ramp

Proceeding down the ramp we enter the kitchen.

Proceeding Down Ramp

Leaving Church Hall

Leaving the church hall using the exit next to the kitchen the Ladies Parlor is to your left..

Ladies Parlor on Left

View Of Ladies Parlor

This is a view of the Ladies Parlor looking to the right.

View Of Ladies Parlor

Leaving Ladies Parlor

Leaving the Ladies parlor the public washrooms are on your left. Proceeding up the stairs we pass by the church office and continue up to the second floor where the upper room is located.

View Of Ladies Parlor

View Of Upper Room

This a view of the upper room looking to the right.

View Of Upper Room

Leaving Church

Proceeding back down the stairs we leave the church and return to the parking lot. Looking across the street we see the Church of the Nazarene. This church was the previous building that Stairs Memorial United church occupied.

Leaving Church

Thank You

We would like to thank you for taking this little Virtual Tour of our church that we have created. Please come and join us for a service some time